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What You Get in Our Master Course

If you've learned the basics, then you've only scratched the surface of Pivot Tables.


Answer tricky questions fast

Change the way your data is displayed to answer new and challenging questions.

Knowing the raw numbers is good, but can you uncover more?

By changing the way your data is displayed, you can answer complex questions to really understand your data and uncover valuable insights.


Create annual summaries in seconds

Use native Pivot Table features to group your data to convey meaningful information from thousands of unique data points.

Ever tried to create monthly summaries using formulas, or even worse...manually? Ouch!

Learn how to create drill down annual and monthly reports with the flick of a mouse!


Visually explore your data

Use built-in features to explore your data quickly and easily.

Tired of creating lots of repetitive summary tables? What if you could explore and filter your data instantly?

With capabilities that rival some of the most expensive software out there, Excel allows you to explore your data instantly!

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30 day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

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