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Matt Excel Tutes

Hey guys, Matt here. 

I've been working on this website for a little while now so that I can teach people how to use Excel.

I've created a course on pivot tables and would love to get your feedback.

Don't worry, I've hooked you up with some sweet mates rates!

I really appreciate your help!

Pivot Tables


Free - $0

7 Lessons

45 minutes to complete

  • Learn how to create a pivot table
  • Learn how to easily summarise data
  • Get the basics down

Check out the course video

Pivot Tables

Everything you need to know

Mates Rate - $8

62 Lessons

4 hours to complete

  • Everything in Basics +
  • Create custom groupings of your data
  • Change the way you display your data
  • Learn how to use data visualisation techniques
  • Create custom fields and calculations
  • Learn how to easily slice and dice your data

Check out the course video