The Power of Excel

Make more money by learning Excel the right way

The well-known secret to making more money is Microsoft Excel, but don’t just take my word for it.

I came across a couple of articles the other day based on some research from Burning Glass Technologies. They specialize in researching and understanding the workforce and the articles describe exactly why you can make more money by learning Excel.

I’m always a sucker for nice pictures and info-graphics, and now that you’re learning Excel, I thought this would help inspire you as well.

They did some research to understand what skills were the most valuable for people to learn. A lot of talk today is about learning a new coding language, but the simpler world of spreadsheets can pay off big time!

It pays off because it’s a skill that’s required in nearly 80% of all jobs, so it’s probably the most transferable technical skill in the world. People that know how to use Excel land better jobs and make more money, period.

How much more? 18% on average. And the best part is, Excel isn’t that hard to learn…if you do it right.

Make more money by learning Excel

Can you make more money by learning Excel? Absolutely!

When I moved to Australia, I was working in a call center making just above minimum wage. I loved it, but my wife and I really wanted to own our own home and have a comfortable life. Making minimum wage wasn’t going to cut it.

I searched through the online job board and landed an interview. The interview was going well until he asked me if I was good at Excel. I was pretty average, so of course I said yes.

‘Oh great!’ he said.

‘So you can use pivot tables and everything?’

Gulp… ‘Umm, no, but I’m a quick learner’ I said.

Smooth right?

Well, he saw right through me and I didn’t get the job. But I knew what I had to do. Get better at Excel!

I went home and researched pivot tables to try to figure them out, but I didn’t really know where to start. I kept at it and used every opportunity at my job to use Excel to save me time, so I could learn more Excel with the free time I had. Eventually, I got pretty good and even started sharing some of my knowledge with my managers and colleagues so they could save time as well.

When a new job came up in the company for a business analyst role, I was fortunate enough to land it. I was now making 1.4 times what I was the day before!

After I started the new job, I got to use Excel more and more. I was creating reports and dashboards left and right to help managers and team leaders make informed decisions. I was learning tons and loving it.

Today, I earn 2.5 times what I was just 6 years ago, but it wouldn’t have been possible if I never realized just how critical knowing Excel would be.

I hope that you can have a similar story with your Excel journey some day.